BobDickson.Com, LLC continually strives to meet the growing needs of a technology savvy customer base.

We serve NE Georgia with a concentration on Athens Georgia, Greene, Morgan and , Putnam counties providing computer services including Business Network Management, Systems Implementation and Crisis Resolution, Web Hosting and Custom Website Design.

We opened our doors in 1996 to a would be up and coming explosion of internet users and e-mail dependent professionals and personal pc users alike.

Today in 2010, 14 years later and dozen's of PC's ago we still see a demand for internet speed and accuracy like never before.

When you call Bob Dickson you will recieve 10+ years in the making guideance and advise.

Contact us with your needs, we will do our best to provide the most accurate dianosis or prognosis for your pc or technology needs.

BobDickson.Com, LLC - is a full service on-site PC consultant providing the help you need one on one.
Time is always of the utmost importance - but especially when we need our computer in our profession. We continue to try and schedule our employees out on a first come first serve basis. Let's get it on the schedule and taken care of as timely as possible.
Some exceptions may apply.
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